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Power of Four Elements in Us

Air -  Spirit   Inspiration, Creativity, Scientific Discoveries, Vision Air Power Spirituality -imagination-inspiration -creative out of box thinking, conceptual visionary mind, prayer, meditation, intentional breathing, ti-chi, visualization, alpha mode for brain, “aha” moments, problem solving, innovating, coming up with a new idea, etc. “Out of thin Air” People who are strong in Air element are more often: Innovators, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, writers etc. Preferred activities: visualizing, dreaming, looking at the big picture, taking initiative, challenging assumptions, metaphoric thinking, creative problem solving, long term thinking. Air energizing activities: Daily meditations, prayer, conscious breathing, visualization exercises, affirmations, trying to look for creative “out of box” solutions. Taking time alone on a daily as well as weekly basis. Daily: 5 minutes for meditation,...

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